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A short exercise for people in a group who do not know each other very well or who have not seen each other for a while. To encourage easier communication between -group members.


Each person draws – or makes – their own shield including the following:

  • A – 3 Favourite things to do in leisure time (drawn);
  • B – 3 Ambitions (drawn);
  • C – 3 People you admire (drawn);
  • D – 3 Places you like or would like to visit (drawn);


  • A Three depictions of your family, personal life.
  • B Three depictions of your work or study life.
  • C Three spare time activities.
  • D Three places you like or would like to visit.

Other variations are possible.

They also adopt a phrase that’s applicable to them which will be their motto.

Once complete, with a partner each person talks about their shield and motto for ten minutes and then listens as their partner explains their’s for ten minutes.

They can then be put on the wall of the meeting room for people to look at and guess which belongs to each person or with names on the top.

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