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Aim: (1) To provide opportunities to become acquainted with other members of the group.

(2) To promote feedback and self-disclosure among participants regarding initial perceptions.

Time: Approx.35-40 minutes.

Materials: (1) 12 blank sticky labels or strips of masking tape for each participant.

(2) A copy of the Labeling Category List for each participant. (See below).

(3) Pencils or felt-tipped markers.

Procedure: The group leader distributes a copy of the Labeling Category List to each participant along with blank name tags.

Each participant must copy each category on a separate blank nametag.

Participants mill around and choose a person who best fits each category. Stick label onto clothing of the person you select and engage in a one-minute conversation (20 minutes).

The group leader forms groups of 5-7 members. Each group must discuss their reactions to being categorized and labeled (or not labeled) by others‘ first impressions (15 minutes).

Labeling Category List:

Warm Intelligent

Shy Happy

Fun loving Friendly

Sexy Sincere


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