It seems that the term „Euroregion“ does not always clearly show the differences in aims and objectives, if they exist at all, compared with other transfrontier structures which are given different names. Moreover, the legal frameworks within which the „Euroregions“ operate exhibit such a wide variety of forms that it is difficult to clearly associate one particular legal framework with the term „Euroregion“.

Three main types of „Euroregion“ can be identified:

  • 1. Euroregions without legal personality (working communities or communities of interest)
  • 2. Euroregions which are based on private law
  • 3. Euroregions which are based on public law

Many of the newly established „Euroregions“ in the central and eastern European countries seem to be in fact working communities and communities of interest which are forums for informal transfrontier information and consultation.

This conclusion should alleviate misunderstandings about the purpose of creating such transfrontier structures especially across borders where minorities exist.

Euroregions in Europe


Inn-Euroregion; Inn-Salzach Euregio; Euroregio Bayerischer Wald-Böhmerwald/Sumava; Euregio Salzburg-Berchtesgadener Land/Traunstein; Europaregion Tirol; Euroregio Allgäu-Ausserfern-Kleinwalsertal/Bregenzerwald; Euregio Zugspitze-Wetterstein-Karwendel; Euregio Inntal; Nova Raetia; Europaregion Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino; Internationale Bodenseekonferenz, West Pannonia Euregio.

Belgium – „Euroregion“; Conseil de l’Estuaire de l’Escaut; Eurégion Transcanal; Eurégion Meuse-Rhin.

Bulgaria – Euroregion on the borderline between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Greece and Euroregion on the borderline between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Romania (Danube 21 Euroregion).

Czech Republic – Euroregion Šumava-Bavorský les; Euroregion Egrensis; Euroregion Kru_nohorí; Euroregion LABE/ELBE; Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa. Euroregion Glacensis; Euroregion Pradcd; Euroregion Te_ínské Slezsko.

Finland – The North Calotte Council, the Kvarken Council, the Mittnorden Committee, the Islands Committee, the Tornio River Valley Council; new co-operation areas in preparation: Euregio Karelia (with Russia) and „3 + 3 Co-operation“ (with Estonia), South Finland Coastal Area and the City of Tallinn and the Harju County.

France – No „Euroregions“.

Germany – Ems Dollart Region; EUREGIO; EUREGIO Rhein-Maas-Nord; EUREGIO Maas-Rhein; EuRegion Saar-Lor-Lux Rhein; CIMAB (Community of Interests Breisgau, central Alsace); Freiburger Regiogesellschaft; EuRegio Salzburg; Berchtesgadener Land, Traunstein; Inn-Salzach-EuRegio; EURegio Pomerania; EuRegion Spree Neisse-Bober; EuroRegion Neisse; EuroRegio Egrensis; EuroRegion PRO EUROPA VIADRINA; EURORegion Elbe-Labe; EuroRegion Erzgebirge; EuroRegion Krusnohory; Euregio Bayerischer Wald Böhmerwald; Regio TriRhena (with the support of the Oberrheinkonferenz).

Greece – Euroregion Belasica

Hungary – Carpathian Euroregion, West Pannonia Euroregion.

Italy – Regio Insubrica.

Latvia – No „Euroregions“.

LithuaniaEuroregion Nemunas; Euroregion Baltija.

LuxembourgEuRegio SaarLorLuxRhin.

NetherlandsEems-Dollard Regio; Euregio; Euregio-Rijn-Waal; Euregio Rijn-Maas-Noord; Euregio Maas-Rijn; Benego; Euregio Benelux-Middengebied; Euregio Scheldemond.

PolandNysa, Nisa, Neisse Euroregion; Karpacki (Carpathian) Euroregion; Sprewa-Nysa-Bobr (Spree-Neisse-Bober) Euroregion; Pro Europa Viadrina Euroregion; Tatry (Tatra) Euroregion; Bug Euroregion; Pomerania Euroregion; Glacensis Euroregion; Niemen (Nieman) Euroregion.

Romania – Euroregion DUNARE-MURES-TISA; Carpathian Euroregion.

SloveniaNo „Euroregions“.

SpainEurorégion Languedoc-Roussillon/Midi-Pyrénées/Comunidad Autónoma de Catalunya.

Sweden – Barents Euro-Arctic Council, The Tornedalen Council, The Kvarken Council, The Central Northern Committee, ARKO in the Arvika/Konsvinger region, Ostfold-Bohuslän, Bornholm and Southwestern Skane

SwitzerlandRegio Raetia Nova; Regio TriRhena.

UkraineCarpathian Euroregion; Bug Euroregion.

United KingdomKent/Nord-Pas de Calais, „Transmanche Region“; East Sussex/Seine-Maritime/Somme, „Rives-Manche Region“; Euroregion Kent/Nord-Pas de Calais/Belgium.

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