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You traveled with your group from your home on a ship, unfortunately your ship wrecked. Luckily all could be rescued and landed safely on a nearby island. The following things were taken along before the ship sank on the life raft:

1 Compass
300 yards of rope
3 Knifes (big) & 2 pocket knifes
1 Radio
5 Blankets
3 Lighters
1 Canister of drinking water (100 Liter)
1 Ax
2 Saws

You were on the south pacific ocean when the ship sank. The island where you stranded is not populated, but densely wooded. You have come across animal tracks, but you do not know what kind of animals are living on the island. It is hot during daytime and the nights are cold.

You are from Claque, a cold country in the North. Although you face rough living conditions, your people have managed to reach a comfortable standard of living. You achieved this through hard work and foresighted planning. Your people formerly consisted of honourable warriors and hunters. Through the development of weapons you have made significant steps forward in technology. You are proud of the achievement of your people.

Honesty and openness are highly accredited. You always keep direct eye contact to the person you talk to, and say exactly what is on your mind. You admire independent people with high initiative, poeple who make quick decisions and act immediately upon it. You yourself are independent and energtic. You enjoy working by yourself the most and take complete responsibility for it. Once in a while the community gathers, when bigger problems arise. You all strive to get to point and reach a fast decision. Solutions are discussed and agreed on, the majority wins. On the basis of that decision the most competent people will be asked to do th task.

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