INDEX OF WORKS BY NAMED COMPOSERS (or arrangers) of music current in Shakespeare’s time

Compilers of anthologies are not here distinguished from composers, so that, for instance, settings of popular tunes for 4 or 5 part consort can reasonably be considered their own compositions, reflecting John Cutts (CU194) reference to the important contribution to this repertory in the form of keyboard pieces by Giles Farnaby where he notes that some attributed works may be as arranger rather than composer. Titles of works which show the status or rank of a person are listed under family name, e.g. DOWLAND ‘My Lady Hunsden’s Puffe’ under letter H in the list of works by that composer. Where more than one reference is given, full bibliographical detail together with musical incipit will be found under the serial numbers between 1 and 417, otherwise under the number printed in bold.



CABEZÓN, AntonioDiferencias sobre la gallarda milanesa962
1510-1566Diferencias sobre la pavana italiana142a, 1342, 1466
CACCINI, GiulioAmarilli mia bella, lute song959
CAMPION (Campian),Come, o come my life’s delight10c
Thomas 1567-1620The Cypress curtain of the night, lute song1206
Faine would I wedd a fair young man, lute song193
Fair if you expect admiring, lute song1079
I care not for these ladies, lute song1080
It fell upon a summer’s day, lute song1081, 1438
Long have mine eyes gazed with delight344
Move now with measur’d sound, lute song and masque dance172a
My love that vowed, lute song857
Never weather beaten sail642, 1083
Now hath Flora robb’d her bow’rs’, lute song1084
The peacefull westerne winde à 3172a
Shall I come sweet love to thee?241b, 1087
Squire’s masque (+ Robert Johnson)308a
There is a garden in her face, lute song1085
What if a day (attrib.), lute song495, 1086
CANOVA di Milano,La compagna, fantasia, lute782
Francesco 1497-1543Fantasias, lute781
CAROSO, FabrizioIl Canario609
c1527/35-after 1605Pavaniglia142a, 1465
CAROUBEL, Pierresee PRAETORIUS Terpsichore
Francisque d.1611
CAVALIERI, EmilioBallo del Gran Duca Ferdinando di Toscana1541
de c1550-1602
CERTON, PierreL’ennuy qui me tourmente, chanson425
C1510/15-1572La, la, la, je ne l’ose dire571
CHURCHYARD,Venetian galliard865, 960
[?Thomas c1520-1604]
CLEMENS non Papa,Au joli bois, chanson à 3911
Jacobus c1515-1555/56
COBBOLD, WilliamNew fashions: quodlibet, voice and viol consort à 4, including:
1560-1639Browning madam (‘The leaves be green’) (interspersed)154d, 253, 916
Greensleeves (bars 45-60)178
Peg of Ramsey (bars 93-101)346
Robin Hood and Little John (bars 282-295)348b
Shaking of the sheets (bars 110-136)57a
Staines morris (bars 242-6)276c
There were three ravens (bars 175-185)615
Ye mortal wights, consort song1019
COOPER, Dr, see COWPER, Robert
COPERARIO,Alman, à 3477
(Coprario) GiovanniCome ashore, lute song with bass viol1429
(John Cooper)Comedian’s dance (GI ii)629, 1144
c1570/80-1626Cuperaree, masque dance (GI i)308e iii, 1137, 1143
3 Gray’s Inn masque dances (GI i-iii)308e iii, 1135-7
Gray’s Inn masque or Mad Tom130b, 1142
Heynen sein Tantz (GI iii)1145
The Maypole, masque dance353a, 1167, 1185
The nymphs dance313f
CORKINE, William[Ayres to sing and play to the lute]
fl. 1610-12Come live with me, pastoral song; with viol57c, 180a, 308d, 915
If my complaints could passion move (after Dowland), bass viol8b
Shall frown or angry eye22c
To shallow rivers180a
Walsingham (How should I your truye love know?)44
Whoop, do me no harm, Lesson for lyra viol410
CORNYSH, WilliamA Robyn, gentyl Robin, round à 31b, 362a, 812
junior. 1468-1523Adew, adew, my hartis lust798
Adew mes amours, à 41002
A the syghes, à 3370a, 813, 1000
Blow thy horn hunter, à 3814, 942
Fa, la, sol à 3636
Hoyda, hoyda jolly ruttrkyn, à 3177, 815
My love she mourneth, à 31001
Trolly, lolly, lo, à 3816
COSYN, BenjaminThe Queen’s command (attrib. Gibbons)634
c1570-after 1652
COSYN, JohnYield unto God, (Psalm 150)488
COTTON, ClementQuadran pavan, lute (attrib.)1367
COWPER (Dr.Cooper)Farewell my joy, à 31005
Robert. c1474-1535/40I have been a foster à 3 (attributed)15c, 811, 906
CUTTING, FrancisAlmans460-2
fl. 1583-d1596Awake sweet love (Dowland) arr.1088
Cutting’s Comfort, lute1057
galliards, C minor, G minor, lute882-3
My liitle sweet darling (Byrd) arr. lute1044
Over the broome Bessy, A Toy135c, 1486
Packington’s Pound (‘Beckington’s pound’) lute303b
Pavane sans per, lute1235
Raleigh’s galliard885
Robin Hood is to the greenwood gone, lute48a
Rowland (Lord Willoughbies welcome home)203a
Squirrel’s Toy480, 1487
A Toy (untitled)1488
Walsingham variations, lute44, 1540
Lord Willoughby’s welcome home203a



Rorie, c. 1500
DANYEL, JohnFancy, 2 lutes783
1564-c1626Let not Cloris think161b
DEMANTIUS,Intrada à 6 [All ye that love good fellows]221
Christoph 1567-1643Intrada à 6 [Nowells delight]221
Intrada à 6 [Watkins ale]63d
Polish dances à 51327-30
DERING, RichardAlmaine à 5473
c1580-1630City cries à 51472
Country cries57a, 945
DOWLAND, John[D no. in Poulton, Diana. Dowland Collected lute music, 3rd ed. 1981]
c1563-1626[Song versions of instrumental pieces are shown within curves]
[DA Lachrymae, 21 dances for 5 viols and lute, London, 1604]
Adeu for Master Oliver Cromwell, see Resolution
Aloe, lute68382b
Aria (Simpson 1617 as no 8), see (Mrs) Nichols Almand
Awake sweet love, lute song(24)1:191088
Battle galliard, lute, see ‘King of Denmark’s galliard’40
Bonny sweet Robin, see Robin below
Mr Bucton’s galliard, consort (‘Susanna galliard,’ lute)1919871
Can she excuse my wrongs, lute song; broken consort;121:5
lute solo also as ‘Earl of Essex’s galliard’42353c, 879, 1089
My Lord Chamberlains Galliard, 2 lutes371069
The Lady Clifton’s spirit, galliard, lute45876
Come again, sweet love doth now invite, lute song1:171090
Come away, come sweet love, lute song601:111091
Come heavy sleep, lute song1:20115g, 1042
Come ye heavy shades of night, lute song2:1410d, 1207
A Complaint (version of Fortune my foe), lute63115b, 182, 810
The King of Denmark’s galliard, consort11357, 512, 867
(Mr. Mildmay’s galliard; Battle galliard, lute)(40)
Digorie Piper, see Piper
Dowland’s Midnight, see ‘Midnight’, below
The most sacred Queene Elizabeth, her Galliard41626, 872, 1355, 1503
Earle of Essex. his Galliard (‘Can she’)4212353c, 879, 1089
Far from triumphing court, lute song8:16914
Farewell, fancy, lute (Chromatic fantasia)3780, 800
Farewell, too faire, lute song3:1803
Farewell unkind, lute song3:14169, 802
Fine knacks for ladies, lute song2:12412b, 414b
Flow my tears, lute song(15)(1)2:2
(Vocal version of ‘Lachrymae’ pavan, see below)31a, 244b, 336e, 1024, 1051
Flow not so fast ye fountains, lute song3:81026
Forlorne Hope, fancy, lute2779, 1022
Fortune my foe, lute see also A Complaint, consort62182b, (810), 1023
Frog galliard, lute (version of ‘Now. O now’)2390(1:6)188b, 298a, (736), 878
A Galliard, lute (‘Walsingham’)3144, 869, 1540
[The George Alow came from the south], variations, lute, see ‘Aloe’ above
Go from my Window, variations, lute64354f, 898
Go nightly cares, lute song4:91092
Mr Nicholas Griffith his galliard16875
Mister Giles Hobies galliard2915874
Lady Hunsdons Puffe, almaine,54465
I saw my lady weep, lute song2:11027
If my complaints could passion move, lute song1:48
— SATB version (see also Piper’s galliard, below)19188
In darkness let me dwell2:201025
It was a time when silly bees, lute song3:181093
Lachrymae, the seven pavanes1-731a, 34b, 56b, 172b, 300c, 1251
1. Lachrymae antiquæ pavan (see also above ‘Flow my tears’)
(+ Byrd, Holborne, Hove, Robinson, Sweelinck)31a, (109a), 269b, 1024
(2. L. antiquae novae, 3. L. gementes, 4. L. tristes, 5. L. coactae, 6. L. amantis, 7. L. verae)
Lady if you so spite me, lute song9: 161094
The Lady Laitones almane48a466
Sir John Langtons Pavan14a101252
Lasso mia vita, consort song4.111182
Loth to departe, version of ballad as a lute song6924b, 28b, 167b, 805
Me, me and none but me, lute song3:51029
Melancholy galliard25239b, 873
Mignarda, galliard (Noels Galliard)34(14)880
Mr. Mildmay’s galliard, see King of Denmark’s galliard
The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth Her Galliard, see under Elizabeth
My Lord Chamberlaines Galliard, 2 lutes371069
(lute version as ‘Sir John Souch his galliard’)(26)13881
My thoughts are winged with hope, lute song1:3881, 1095
Mistresse Nichols Almand52201.12464
Mr Henry Noel’s Galliard or Mignarda (‘Shall I strive’)3414(5:16)880
Now, O now, lute song; (4 part vocal version)1:6188b, (298a), 736,
(Frog galliard)(23)801, (878), 1028
Orlando sleepeth, lute611056
Pavan à 5 viols (attrib.)1254
(Captain Digorie) Piper’s pavan89a
(Captain Digorie) Piper’s galliard191811:14ii8, 877
Resolution pavan (Adeu for Master Oliver Cromwell)131255
Lady Rich coranto668
(Bonny sweet) Robin, lute variations on ballad7048a
Round Battle galliard, see also Battle galliard39868
Rowland, see below Willobe
Say love, if ever, lute song3:71096
Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens, pavan981021, 1253
Shall I strive with words to move, (‘Noels Galliard’)(34)(14)4:5880
Shall I sue, lute song2:191097
The Shoemaker’s wife, a toy581485
Sleepe wayward thoughts, lute song1:13208a, 1098
Sir John Smith, his almain47467
Sorrow, sorrow stay, lute song2:31030
(arr, Wigthorpe as consort song ‘Sorrow come lend true repentant tears’
Sir John Souch his galliard, lute2613(225a), 881, 1095
Lord Strang’s march65219b, 1118
Susanna Galliard, lute (Lord Viscount Lisle, His Galliard)38(22)870
Sweet Robin, see under Robin (above)
Tarleton’s jigg, lute (doubtful attrib.)81965
Tarletones riserrectione [sic], jig, lute591020
Time stands still , lute song3:21099
Sir Henry Umpton’s funeral, pavan91010
Volta à 4 (Simpson Taffel-Consort 39)1538
[Walsingham], galliard3144, 860,1540
Weep you no more sad fountains, lute song3:15115a, 1100
Welcome black night, lute song4:2022a, 1208
Were every thought an eye, lute song4:61101
What if a day, lute (attrib.)79495, 1086
What if I never speed, lute song3:91102
Mr George Whitehead, his almand21463, 730
Mrs Whites Nothing, jig, lute56994
Mistres Whittes thinge, lute50468
Who ever thinks or hopes, lute song1:21103
My Lord Willobes welcome home, 2 lutes66a203a, 1072, 1375
Wilt thou unkind thus reaue me, lute song1:15804
Mistris Winters jumpe, coranto55685, 1348
Zouch’s galliard, see Sir John Souch his galliard
DOWLAND, RobertQueen’s masque dances (1609)156a, (165b)
1591-1641Witches dance, almand no 6160

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