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With Thomas Middleton. (CM233-4: 49 cues)

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Ii96Trumpets sound. (MM ) long *flourish. (LH230) short signal only (B263) multiple trumpets
243Trumpet sounds. [What trumpet’s that?] (B263) single trumpet
ii0Hautboys playing loud music. A great *banquet is served MH138: rich and splendid dance music317
LF231: genial music for this ‘Love feast’ scene (à 2 LM pt. 1: 1 f 2 r, 57 r) galliard: ‘Two merry lasses’ used in Beaumont Masque of the Inner Temple and Gray’s Inn 1613 SA354
92-6[what need we have any friends…they were the most needless creatures living…and would most resemble sweet instruments hung up in cases, that keep their sounds to themselves.]
111A tucket sounds within [What means that trump?]
126[Music, make their welcome!]
128Music. Enter a masque Ladies as Amazons, with lutes in their hands, dancing and playing B263 guitars imitating lutes BR 136 *pavane, *galliard and *coranto; BR70-75 discusses the masque318
a) LH235 Amazonian mask à 2 (LM71 35v-36r, 86v-87r) SA124 cf Cutts ML (1954) 197
b) (B263-4) i) any *passamezzo pavan; ii) Spanish pavane(142a)
c) (B263-4) OYSTERMAYRE Galliard F260
128-9[Hey-day, what a sweep of vanity comes this way? They dance? They are mad women.
139-140[I should fear those that dance before me now Would one day stamp upon me.]
142…all dance… a lofty strain or two to the hautboys; and cease.319
(B264) *passamezzo pavan played at double time(318b)
248[Farewell; and come with better music]
IIIv0(B264) *fanfare
vii25{-92}Loud music. LF236-7 trumpets only for this Hate feast’ scene320
a) LH236-7/ MF149-152/ (B264): BULL Duke of Brunswick’s alman; kF142/ MB ixx 93; rS + k HU11; rA + g BUd2; rSAT Fm4; steps DF148-150
b) LH236-7/ MF149-152/ (B264): 1600 BYRD The Queen’s almayne ‘The oulde almaine’; kF172/ MB xxvii 10; ۞Cap4/ ۞Mo v 7/ ۞Py 18/ ۞Q19 iv; rSATB MC6 (with galliard); steps DF150-2; steps DI iv 34-5; HOLBORNE J56 The Old almayne, lute or cittern HC11; kSA336; ۞Ma 1/ ۞R 19; steps SA p546/ DI iv 18 commentary SB384; anon. settings, cittern (CC31v) kSA337, and kMPf 27 DO236;
c) (B264) Spanish pavane(142a)
33[Feast your ears with the music a while, if they will fare so harshly o’th’ trumpets’ sound.]
40{A table and stools are} brought in
{92}(B264) music breaks off in confusion
IViii44{Drum and fife}. March afar off [Ha, a drum?] LF236-7, 271: 10321
47Enter…with soldiers playing drum and fife, in warlike manner…
58; 169, 177[Follow thy drum]; [Strike up the drum…Strike!] Exeunt {to drum and fife}
Vv0; 2Trumpets sound; A parley sounds
90[Let our drums strike]. {Drums} (B265) drum marc

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