Dates at the beginning indicate month and year of a review in The Gramophone magazine (and those in curves after the title indicate that the material was all or mostly recorded significantly earlier) . Recordings devoted to a single composer show the surname in capitals preceding the title.

CD; [cassette]

4/92AAcademy of Ancient Music; HogwoodMusic from the time of Elizabeth I (1978)Oiseau Lyre 433193

6AlAlamir. SkinnerGreat music from the Court of Henry VIIIGift of music CCL CDG 1148

AmAlba Musica, KyoElizabethan music c1600Channel Classics 11497

99Aw i-iiAgnew,WilsonDOWLAND Lute songsMet CD 1010-1

93Baird; McFarlaneGreensleeves. 25 English lute songsDorian DOR 90109

3BaABaltimore ConsortAdew Dundee: Early music of Scotland90314

2BaBThe Best of the Baltimore Consorrt 90023

98BaLThe Ladyes delight90252

4/96BaWWatkins Ale (1991)90142

0BaSBaltimore Consort, Baird, Les Witches, Toronto ConsortShakespeare’s music90017

99BcBooth, Colin (harpsichord)PHILIPS The English exileSoundboard Records SBCD 992

10/91BoABowman; Miller; King’sAwake sweet loveHyperion CDA 66447

BoD consort; KingDOWLAND Ayres and lute lessonsSaga EC 3375/ SCD9004

BoEdElizabethan airs and dances ‡Saga SCD 9040

3/87BoEsBowman, Spencer, Nesbit, `Elizabethan lute songs and solos (1972)‡EMI EMX; [ECL] 2101

8/93BreGJulian Bream Edition,1 Golden age of English lute music (1960) BMG/RCA 09026 61584

6/94BreD3 Dances of DOWLAND (1976)61586

BreW4 The woods so wild61587

8/93BreF7 Fantasias, ayres and dances; Tear61590

8/93BreE 19 Elizabethan lute songs, Pears (1967) 61602

BroABroadside Band; BarlowFrench and English popular dances of the Sixteenth centuryHarmonia mundi HMC 90 1152 [40 1152]

3/88BroJJohn Playford’s popular tunesAmon Ra CDSAR 28; [CSAR 28]

94BroLDolmetsch Historical Dance: A lively shape of dauncing
92BroPPopular tunes in Seventeenth century England (1982)Harmonia mundi HMA 190 1039

95BroSSongs and dances of Shakespeare’s timeSaydisc SDL 409

98BwBoston CamerataWhat then is love? An Elizabethan songbook. CohenErato 3984 23417

ByBoyd Neal String OrchestraDances of Shakespeare’s time ‡Oiseau Lyre
CamECamerata of LondonEnglish ayres and dialoguesHyperion CDA 66003

CamH Mason (lute) et al.Popular music from the time of Henry VIIISaga EC 3357

CamMMusic for kings and courtiers (1979) (2 lutes, guitar, 2 violins, mz-sop, b-viol)Saga EC 3367-2; [5467-4]

94CamPPopular music from the time of Queen Elizabeth I (1986)Saga EC 3352

90CamQThe Queen’s menCantoris CRD 3355; [CRDC 4055]

CamS& Giles; DyerShakespeare’s musicke sung in authentic English pronunciationMeridien CDE 84198

9/97CapCapriccio stravaganteBYRD Music for virginals and consorts; Sempre (harpsichord)Auvidis E 8611

10/94CcChance; Wilson (lute)Elizabethan and Jacobean lute songsChandos CHAN 0538

99ChFCharivari agréableFitzwilliam virginal book; transcr. mixed consortsSignum records SIGCD 009

12/97CiCirca 1500; HaddenA handful of pleasant delights: Elizabethan ballads (1977, 1990-5)ASV CDGAU 163

CmD i-xiiConsort of Musicke, Rooley Wilson, LindbergDOWLAND Collected works. 12 discsL’Oiseau Lyre 452563-75

ClClemencic consortDanses de la RenaissanceFrench Harmonmia mundi 90610

CoConcordiaGIBBONS Go from my window, 2 bass violsMetCD 1039

96CwBCity Waites; The Musicians of Grope Lane Bawdy ballads of Old EnglandRegis RRC 1175
92CwLCity Waites; Wootton, SkeapingLusty songs & country dances of Sixteenth century EnglandRegis RRC 1275

CwMCity Waites; WoottonMusic of the Tudor age Sound Alive SAMT CD 104

11/02CwQThe Queen’s GoodnightSignum records SIGCD 020

99DeCDeller, Deller consort; DupréShakespeare songs and consort music (1965-7)Harmonia mundi 05472 77692

DeEDeller, Dupré, Leonhardt ConsortElizabethan and Jacobean music IIVanguard 085094.71

DePDeller, Munrow, DupréO ravishing delight. English airsHarmonia mundi HMA 90 215

82DeSDeller Consort; DupréShakespearean songs and consort music Harmonia mundi HMA 190 202

DI iii-ivDixon, PeggyNonesuch early dance, vols 3-4 Elizabethan dances parts i-ii
DI vEnglish country dances
91DoHDowland Consort; LindbergHeavenly noyse: pieces for broken consortBIS CD 451

86DoLDOWLAND LachrimaeBIS CD 315

4/92DoPDowland Consort, LindbergHOLBORNE Pavans, Galliards, Almands and other short airsBIS CD 469

4DODuffin, RossShakespeare’s songbook. [CD recording of 81 of the 160 songs printed] see Key to symbols ‘DO’
4Dr*Ensemble Dreiklang BerlinPastyme with good companye: Music at the Court of Henry VIIIChandos CHAN 0709

10/96DuDufay CollectiveJohnny Cock the beaver: Popular music making in 17th century EnglandChandos CHAN 9446

EcEnglish Consort of violsShakespeare’s England: music of his plays and people. Griffett, Wright, McGeganGriffin GCCD 4036

EgElizabethan ConsortGreat music from the Court of Elizabeth IClassical Communications CDG`1052

EhEnsemble ChaconneMeasure for measure: the music of Shakespeare’s playsAmerica’s music works AM 1594

04EmHEarly Music Consort; MunrowHenry VIII and his six wives (1972-6)Testament SBT 1250

85EmPPRAETORIUS 9 Dances from Terpsichore (and Motets)Veritas 61289

9/95EmR & The Morley ConsortTwo Renaissance dance bands. Susato. MorleyTestament SBT1080

EmTEarly Music Consort; Turner Pro cantione antiquaMusic at the English court c1415-1530Editio clasica DHM GD77178

EnEnsemble AmaryllisAmour et Mascarade (The English masque)Ambroisie AMB 9902

EnGEnsemble GalileiCome, gentil night, music of Shakespeare’s worldTelarc 80556

EsUEstampieUnder the Greenwood TreeNaxos 8. 553442

89EsWWith dances and delightMeridian CDE 84170; [KE 77170]

ExExtempore string ensembleDOWLAND Lachrymae, etc (1981)Hyperion CDA 660

0FA i-iiFretwork; Wilson (lute)Armada: Music from the courts of England and Spain
2 CD set (1986)Virgin VC 5 61821

7/94FDDOWLAND Lachrymae (complete) (1087-9) 5.45005

3/91FG i-iiGoe nightly cares: Dances from DOWLAND’S Lachrymae Consort music and songs of BYRDVirgin VS 5 6156186

6/88FHHeart’s ease: music for viol consort from the late Tudor and early Stuart age 7.59667

11/89FNDOWLAND and BYRD Night’s black bird 7.59539

7/90FP & Budd; ChanceA Play of Passion: Songs for the stage and consort music 5.45007

GeGesualdo Consort;The Food of love: words and music from Shakespeare’s theatre
Dorothy Linnell (lute)Cantoris CRDC 6017

GoGottfried Reiche ConsortEnglish Renaissance and Baroque worksAmbitus AMB 97865

82-93GtA Golden treasury of Elizabethan music York Waits; Broadside Band; Rose Consort; Roberts, Potter and othersSaydisc (Amon Ra) CD-SAR 62

9/91HaHantai (harpsichord)FARNABY Keyboard worksAdda 581172

6HcHis Majesty’s Cornets and SackbutsEnglish music from Henry VIII to Charles IIDorian 66894

r96-7HeHeringman (lute, cittern); S. Pell (bass)HOLBORNE Hulburn’s passionASV CDGAU 173

96HePHeringmanJane Pickering lute bookAvie AV 0002

94HiHilliard EnsembleSongs for a Tudor kingSaga SCD 9008; [EC3378]

HlHögman, Christina; Lindberg, Jakob.Faire and sweet and cruellBISCD 257

HoHogwoodBYRD works. 3 record set‡Philips 430485

1HpHesperusThe Food of Love: Early instrumental music of the British IslesDorian 90290

2/99HsHespèrion XX; SavallElizabethan consort musicAlia Vox AV 9804

HsTHOLBORNE The Teares of the Muses. Elizabethan consort music,AV 9813

KcKing’s Consort; KingIf music be the food of loveIMP Classics [30368 01054]

11/92KeKenny, Liz (lute), Magdalen College ChoirMusic for a May morning; IvesCantoris CRCD [CRMC] 2366

94KnKKing’s Noyse; Douglass Hargis; O’DetteThe King’s delight: 17th century ballads for voice and violins Harmonia mundi HMU 90 7101

11/96KnMMascharada : music at the court of Ernest III HMU 90 7165

7/97KnQThe Queen’s delight: 17c English ballads HMU 90 7180

99/06KtKing’s SingersThe Triumphs of OrianaSignum SIGCD 082

4/92KyDKirkby (sopr.) Rooley (lute)DOWLAND The English OrpheusVirgin CDC 59321

79KyEThe Lady’s musick. Elizabethan songsOiseau Lyre 425892

4/94KyJ +Thomas (bass)Robert JOHNSON Shakespeare’s lutenist: Theatre musicVirgin CDC 59321

LLindberg & O’DetteJohn JOHNSON English lute duetsBIS CD 267

11/95LdLindberg, JakobDOWLAND Lute music. 4 discsBIS CD 722-4

9/03LgLewin, GilesShakespeare’s musicke. New London Consort, Miller, Thorby, PickettMeridien KE77198

87LnLionheartMy Fayre Ladye: images of womwn in Medieval EnglandNimbus NI 5512

95MaMarincola, FHOLBORNE Lute piecesPier PV 795112

8/08MdMead, Thomas
4/92MfMcFarlane, RonnDOWLAND Lute music of DowlandDorian 90148

The Scottish lute, lute and mandora Dorian
10/97MgMMusicians of the Globe; Pickett, Finucane, HeringmanShakespeare’s Musick: 24 songs and dances from Shakespeare’s plays in contemporary or near contemporary surviving settings446678

9/99MgNNutmeg & Ginger: spicy ballads from Shakespeare’s London456 507

10/97MgOA Masque of Oberon, 1611 446 217-2

98MhMock Hobby HorseMaypole and MistletoeBob Martin (1998)

MnMusica antiqua of LondonField of the Cloth of GoldAmon Ra CDSAR 51

2/86Mo i-vii MoroneyBYRD Complete keyboard works. 7 discsHyperion CDA 66551-703
10/99MoPBYRD Pavanes and galliards (1966)‡Harmonia mundi HMC 1240

1MsE i-iiMusicians of Swanne Alley & Nordstrom, O’DetteElizabethan ballads and theatre music In the streets and theatres of London. Elizabethan ballads and theatre musicVirgin VC 90789

4Mt ThorbyMadame d’Amours: songs, dances and consort music for the six wives of Henry VIIISignum SIGCD 044

Mu MunrowIntroduces and performs Mediaeval and Renaissance music[TC-CFP 4384]

MyMayes, Joseph.Lightly love ladies: popular lute music of Elizabethan England
3N*North, Nigel (lute)Go from my window: English Renaissance ballad tunesLinn CKD 176

4/94NeENew London Consort;Elizabethan and Jacobean consort music Linn CKD 011

11/86NeP PickettPRAETORIUS Terpsichore dances L’Oiseau Lyre 414 633

79NoNoyse of musitiansEarly English music. Hillier, Luxon & 2 rebecsPlant Life PLCD 083

86OAO’Dette [and consort]Ancient airs and dances Hyperion CDA 66228

11/95, 8/96, 12/96, 2/97; 7/97OD i-v O’Dette, PaulDOWLAND Complete lute works. 5 discsHarmonia mundi HMU 90 7160-4

7/01OHRobin Hood: Elizabethan ballad settings for lute HMU 907265

2OLThe Royal lewtersHMU 907313

1/89PaCParley of Instruments;PHILIPS Consort musicHyperion CDA 66240

0PaD HolmanPRAETORIUS Dances from Terpsichore; Renaissance violin bandHyperion CDA 67240

PaHHark, Hark, the lark!: Music for Shakespeare’s Company CDA 66836

5/96PaMMusic of Violenze: Dances, Fantasias and popular tunes of Queen Elizabeth’s violin bandCDA 66929

PbPraetorius consort, BallDances from PRAETORIUS Terpischore [and other contemporary sources] (1976)Regis RRC 1076

PdParsons, David (lute)Robert DOWLAND A Variety of lute lessonsMETCD 1050

8PhPlace, Hickey, LinellMusic of Shakespeare’s theatreNaxos 8570708

56; 98PpPears; BreamElizabethan love soingsBalart 461602

91PyPayne, JosephThe Queen’s command: masterpieces of Elizabethan keyboard(Lute Society 0905655117) BIS CD 539

2QQuint EssentialElisa is the fayrest queenChandos CHAN 0686

8/93RRed Byrd and c.1500Cries and ballads of LondonCantoris CRD 3487

RoCRose consort of violsDOWLAND Consort music and songsNaxos 8554204

RoEElizabrethan songs and consort music 8 554284

10/93RoMA Tysall‘Ah dear heart’Woodmansterne WOODM 002

6/95RoRRose consort/ Red Byrd. Bonner & RobertsBYRD Music for viols, voices and keyboardNaxos 8 55060

4/93SaSayceGolden Age restored: the lute music of John and Robert JOHNSONDervorguilla DRVS CD 101

9/96ScScholl, MartinEnglish folk song and lute songHarmonia mundi 90 1003

SeScottish Early music consortMary’s music. W EdwardsChandos CHAN 0529

2Sf*Shakespeare Globe Musicians & ActorsThe Food of Love; Music and words from Twelfth Night (2002) International Shakespeare Globe Centre

SgSt. George’s CanzonaEngland be glad! Patriotic and heroic songs from the Crusades to The Civil wars.EMI CFP 40015 (LP)

98SiSirinu, Hugh WilsonAll goodly sports: HENRY VIII The Complete musicCHAN 0621

98SkSkeaping, Lucie & RoddyLet’s make Tudor music: 23 themed Classroom projects for key stage 2 Music. Teacher’s book and CDStainer & Bell

4SqLes SacqueboutiersThe Cries of London 1599-1615AMB Sound Arts 9965

0StStowe, Spring & LindoSongs of William Shakespeare.Classical Communications 1006

TToronto ConsortO lusty MayDorian DOR 93172

99TaTaylor, Les Voix humaines, Stubbs (lute), 2 bass violsSweet Love.. Byrd and Dowland (some titles adapted for this grouping countertenor, viols and lute)ATMA2207

ThThodey, Robin (lute)DOWLAND Queen Elizabeth’s GalliardThodey RLT CD3

TiTilney and BoothGo from my window: music for virginalsDorian 90195

9/93ToToulon Musica Antiqua, S. Stubbs (lute); J. Elwes (tenor)Airs et danses au temps de ShakespearePier PV 787092

6TvTheatre of Voices; FretworkThe Cries of LondonHarmonia mundi HMU 907214

UUrrey & McFarlaneO Mistress Mine: a collection of English lute songsDorian 90136

WWilson, Christopher & Rumsey, SPavans and galliards by HOLBORNE and ROBINSON, lutesNaxos 8.553874

3WbLes WitchesBara Faustus’ Dreame: Mr Francis Tregian his choiceAlpha 063

2WnNobody’s jig: Mr. Playford’s English Dancing MasterAlpha 502

96WtFortune my foe: music of Shakespeare’s timeDorian DOR 93182

1WEKirkby, Roolley, Pears, BreamThe world of Elizabethan music (1955, 1978).Decca 420170

4WSWadsworth; SampsonRobert JOHNSON Away delightsAvie AV205393

YCYork WaitsThe City Musicke: wind bands of the Renaissance 1550-1600Brewhouse BHCD 9409

YFFortune my foeBeautiful Jo BEJOCD 48

YMMusic from the time of the Spanish Armada‡Saydisc SDL; [CSDL] 373

86/05YPThe Punk’s delight: popular music of the 17th century Hunt’s up CD 1

87YRMusic from the time of Richard III Saydisc SDL 364


Index of composers with considerable repertoire represented in these collections

luteother instrumentsconsortvocal
Arbeau, ThoinotBroA
Byrd, WilliamCap, Ho, Mo, MoPCap, FC, FG i-ii, FNFa, FC, RoR
Dowland, JohnBo, BreA-D, CmD, Mf, OD, ThTiCmD, DoL, ExD, FC, FD, FG i-ii, FNBo, BreC, BreE, CmD, BreW, CamE, DeP, KyD
Farnaby, GilesHa
Ferrabosco, Alfonso IIMgO
Holborne, AnthonyHe, Ma, Th, WCc, DeP, DoL, DoP, ExH, MgO0
Johnson, JohnL, Sa, Th
Johnson, RobertKyJ, SaMgKyJ, WS
Morley, ThomasEmR, Mc, Rb
Philips, PeterPaC
Playford, JohnBro
Praetorius, MichaelEmP, NeP, PaC, Pad, Pb
Ravenscroft, ThomasCm, Cw
Robinson, ThomasW
Susato, TielmanEmT


Cross references to principal artists and groups not shown as headings in these collections

Astle, PhilipNo
Ball, ChristopherPb
Barlow, JeremyBro
Bonner, TessaDH, RoR
Booth, Colin (virginals)+Ti
Bott, Catherine (soprano)Ne
Britten, BenjaminWE
Broadside Band+DH, Gt, YP
Budd, Jeremy (treble)FP
Burnett, Richard (virginals)Gt
Chance, Michael (counter-tenor)+FP
Circa 1500+R
Douglass, DavidKn, Ms
Dupré, Desmond (lute)DeC, DeS
Dyer, David (tenor)CamS
Elliott, Paul (tenor)DeP
Elwes, John (tenor)To
Fairport Rhythm SectionPf
Finucane, ( )Mg
Fretwork consort of viols+Cm, Gt
George, Michael (baritone)Ne
Giles, Simon (treble)CamS
Hadden, Nancy (flute and director)Ci
Hargis, Ellen (soprano)Kn
Heinrich, Susanne (viols)Ch
Heringman, Jacob (cittern and lute)+Ch, Mg
Hillier, Paul (bass)No
Hogwood, Christopher+A
Holman, PeterPa
Hunt, Edgar
Ives, GraystonKe
King, Catherine (mezzo-soprano)RoE
King’s ConsortBoA,
Leonhardt, GustavDeE
Lindberg, Jacob (director and lute)CmD, +Do
Linnell, Dorothy (lute)Ge
Luxon, Benjamin (baritone)No
MacFarlane, (lute)U
McGowan, Keith (director; historic wind instruments)Sf
Magdalen CollegeKe
Mason, Barry (lute, guitar)Cam
Miller, David (theorbo, lute, guitar)BoA, Du
Morley ConsortEmR
Morrow, MichaelMr
Munrow, David+DeP, Em
Neal, BoydBy
Ng, Kah-Ming (keyboards)Ch
Nordstom, Lyle & Patricia (misc.)Ms
O’Dette, Paul (lute and cittern)+Kn, L, Ms
Pears, Peter (tenor)BreE, WE
Pell, Susanna (bass viol)Ch, He
Perry, Nicholas (cornetto & misc. wind)Cw, Sk
Pickett, Philip (director and recorder)+Mg, Ne
Potter, John (tenor)Du, Gt
Red Byrd+RoR
Roberts, Deborah (soprano)Gt
Roberts, TimothyRoR
Rooley, Anthony (lute)Cm, Ky, WE
Rose Consort of viols+Gt
Rumsey, Shirley (lute)W
Savall, JordiHs
Sayce, Lynda (Renaissance flute, lute and bandora)+Ch, Ne
Sempe, Skip (harpsichord)Cap
Simpson, GlendaCam
Skeaping, Lucy & RoddieCw
Sneak’s NoyseGt
Spencer, Robert (lute)BoD, BoEs
Stubbs, Stephen (lute)To
Tear, Robert (tenor)
Thomas, David (bass)Ky
Thompson, RichardPf
Turner, BrunoEmT
Tysall, Arrabella (soprano)RoM
Les Voix humainesTa
Weigand, Georg (lute)Cam, Gt
Williamson, PaulNo
Wilson, Christopher (lute)+Cc, CmD, FA, FC, FD, FG, FN
Wilson, Hugh (tenor)Si
Woolley, Robert (harpsichord)Cam
Wootton, DouglassCw, Sk
York Waits+Gt


Index showing instrumentation in recordings

bandoraBa, H
brass consortA, Em, Go
consort (mixed or ‘broken’)Ba, Cam, Ch, Cw, Do, Em, Es, Ex, Ge, Mg, Mr, Ne, Pb, Se, Sf, Si, Sk, Wn, Wt, Y
citternBa, He
guitar (arrangements of lute music)Du
keyboard (virginals; harpsichord)A, Cap, Ch, Mo, Py
luteA, Ba, Bo, Bre, Cc, Ch, Ex, Ge, He, KnQ, L, N, Sa, Th, W
2 lutesA, CamP, Ex, W
part song (madrigal, canon)A, Mr, R, Sf, Sk
recorderMs, To
recorder + luteMs
song with luteBo, BreC, BreE, Cam, Cc, De, Du, Es
consort song (with misc. instruments)A, CamM, Ci, Es, Ge, Mg, Mr, No, Pb
consort song (with viols)F, Hs, Ro
0string consortKn, Mr, Pa,
viol consortA, Ba, ChQ, Cw, F, He, Kn, Mr, P


Location and timing of tracks on recordings

Adew Madame (attrib. Henry VIII)1003Mt24 1’43
a-down, a-down47OL 11
Ah Robin, round à 3362DO i 1 2’26
All in a garden green (Gtahering pescods)15d*BroP18,** Mh 19 i *2’00, **c1’00
All ye that love good fellows (Nancie, keyboard)221Gt24 iic1’00
alman, allemandeChF 151’44
And let me the cannakin clink247DO i 20’16
And will he not come again49BroS 12, **DO i 3 *0’49, **1’02
As I went to Walsingham, see Walsingham
Awake, awake, O England77DO ii 10’48
The Battle of Agincourt (set toFlying fame)55bDO ii 20’45
The baffled knight176a*CwL 15, **WE20 *3’42, **3’29
Barafaustus dream (Shephers’s joy) (also Byrd, Farnaby, Kete)201bWb 13 3’22
battaglia*CamS2, Lg2*3’27
Be merry63aDO i 4 0’29
The beggar boy, country dance1405Wn 13 ii c2.30
bergamasca*BroS21, **Gt3 *0’58, **1’00
Black spirits160*DO i 5 1’25
Blame not my lute1268Mt 10 3’53
Blew cap, country dance1406CwL201’17
Blow, blow thou winter wind16DO i 61’22
The boon companion386bBroP350’58
Bonny sweet Robin (Sweet Robin; Bonny sweet boy)48*BroS25, **DO i 7, ***Ec 11 i, ****Gt 18, *****MsE i 6, 16, Wt5*2’19, **1’05, ***2’19, ****c2’00, *** 2’21*****1’37
La Bounette52bGt 29 2’29
La Bourée (version of ‘Parson’s farewell’)712BroP381’54
Quatre branlesBroP20,1’41
The Bride’s goodmorrow288DO ii 311’45
Broom, the bonny, bonny broome390DO ii 41’07
Browning154dWt 15
But shall I go mourn404DO i 8 0’33
Calen o custare me (Callino)74*BroP 10, **DO ii 5 *1’30, ** 1’16
Can’st thou not hit it146DO i 9 0’31
My Lady Carey’s dumpe (attrib. Aston)300bDL5, *EmH 18, **Mt7, OL5 *1’54, **2’21
The carman’s whistle (also Byrd, John Johnson)60*DO ii 6, **Mh23 *0’42, **1’51
Chi passa per ‘sta strada (attrib.?*DO ii 7. **OH9 *0’49,**1’04
The chirping of the lark39bCwL25 i1’04
Cinquepace galliard, see Sinkapace
Come away, come away death354DO i 101’21
Come away Hecate158bDO i 110’20
Come kiss me Kate, round283DO ii 80’26
Come live with me180a*BroP 11, **BroS26, ***CamS3, ****DO i 12, *****Gt 17*1’15, **2’44, ***3’30, ****1’5, *****2’44
Come o’er the burn135DO i 130’17
Come thou monarch, version 1, round10hDO ii 90’47
version 2, round10hDO i 14 0’47
Come unto these yellow sands298DO i 15 0’39
King Cophetua67dDO ii 330’51
La corantoB7-8, *BroS33, **MsE ii 12 *1’46, **1’30
The Cry of London (see also Gibbons)130a?Sq 113’20
Cuckolds all a row699BroP60’56
A Cup of wine, round, version 1, round64DO ii 100’31
version 2, round110?DO i 16 0’25
Damon and Pithias42DO ii 111’07
Daphne, country dance (see also Farnaby)191dDO ii 12, Wn41’05
Diana, version 1120cDO ii 13 ic015
version 2120cDO ii 13 iic016
a division on a groundWn 14
La doune cella (La damoiselle)716Gt 11 1’16
Drive the cold winter away129Wn 13 i c3’00
Dulcina, country dance (see also Brade)22dG24
song22dDO ii 140’42
a dumpLo8
Prince Edward’s pavane (Pavane d’Angleterre)1273Mt21 2’21
Sir Eglamore, tune set to ?368DO ii 150’26
Eighty eight, set to Hanskin?189DO ii 160’31
En vrai amoure (attrib. Henry VIII)96Mt 12 1’39
My Lord of Essex measure (Tintelore d’Angleterre)1130B9, *BroS30*1’57
Farewell, dear heart352DO i 170’50
Fathers that wear rags125DO i 180’27
Fear no more the heat of the sun32DO i 192’55
Fie on sinful fantasy188DO i 200’42
Fill the cup. round65DO i 210’21
Flout ‘em and cout ‘em, round306DO i 220‘19
Fools had ne’er less grace120DO i 230’16
For I’ll cut my green coat381DO i 241’21
Fortune my foe, ballad tune (see also composer list)182*BroP 15, **BroS29, ***DO ii 17, ****Gt23, *****MsE i 14, Wt3*3’50, **3’01, ***0’48, ****2’58, *****5’47
The French lavolto1531B 11
The friar and the nun296aDO i 250’30
Full fathom five299*BroS 1, **DO i 26*1’50, **1’53
galliardsL 19, Q 1 ii, iv c2’00
La gamba, galliard1116G8 ii, *Mt9 0’59
Gentil Prince, 3 shawmsaddMt 11
The George Alow, version 1382DO i 27 0’37
version 2382DO ii 180’22
Get you hence413DO i 28 1’05
The glass doth run247aDO ii 190’36
Go from my window (see also many settings)354f*BroP 25, **DO ii 21, ***Wb 1, Wt 11*2’50, **0’30, ***1’13
The god of love241DO i 291’21
Goddesses, see Quodling’s delight
Gray’s Inn masque dances, see also Title indexBroP51’40
Green garters, country dance698MsE i 13 2’38
Greensleeves, version 1178*DO ii 22, **Ec6, ***Gt 13, ****N 1 i, *****WE9 *1’26, **5,39, ***3’59, ****c2’00, *****4’37
version 2 attrib John Johnson?MsE i 234’37
version 3 (Scottish source)BroP 141’42
Greensleeves to a ground*EmH24, **Gt 13, ***N 1, P 14 *4’27, **3’50, ***c1’25,
Grimstock, country dance (see also Praetorius)184MsE i 24 1’29
A groundOH21 4’00
Guy of Warwick116DO ii 230’53
Halfe Hannikin405bCwL 14 iii c1’50
Hark, hark the lark30DO i 30 1’30
King Harry VIII pavan and galliard95*EmH 15, **Mt 13 *2’21, **1’49
Have I caught my heavenly jewel181DO i 31 0’18
Heart’s Ease281bB 14, **DO i 32 ***Ec22, ****Sf9**0’35, ***2’47.
Heaven and earth1273*DoH6, L6, Sf 10 *2’30
Hem boys, up we go, version 1699ADO ii 241’12
version 2
Hey ho for a husband, version 1?DO ii 25 ic 0’70
version 2DO ii 25 ii c0’63
Hobbyhorse70aDO ii 260’27
Hold thy peace, knave, round, version 1346aDO ii 27 i0’25
version 2346bDO i 330’26
version 3346cDO ii 27 ii c0’27
Honour, riches331DO i 341’09
How should I your true love know (Walsingham)44 *BroS 10, **CamS 17, M 17*1’14, **1’52
Hugh Aston’s masque742Hc63’53
Hunt’s up18DO ii 280.15
I am gone sir363DO i 351’09
I cannot come every day to woo, version 1247eDO ii 29 i c0’60
2DO ii 29 ii c0’65
I cannot keep my wife at homeadd?OH 1 1’09
I loathe that I did love50b*BroS24, **DO i 36 *3’18, ** 1’27
In Crete211DO ii 30 0’31
In nomine à 3?12
In pescod time55aDO ii 310’17
In youth when I did love50BroS 13 0’49
Irish dance955Hc 18 0’46
Irish jigge409EmH 16 2’00
Italian rant1543Wn9
Jack boy, round194aDO ii 320’39
Jack Pudding, country dance (Step stately)706BroP41 0’52
Jenny plucked pears36CwL 14 ii 1’50
Jepha (Jephthah)36DO i 38 0’52
Jog on, country dance64e*BroP13, **BroS 17 *1’12, **0’56
John come kiss me now (see also Byrd. Ortiz, Ravenscroft)106b*N 10, **OH5 *4’46, **3’47
Jolly shepherd, round a 3386jDO i 40 0’37
Jouyssance vous donneray (after Sermisy)499EmH 1 3’24
Kemp’s jig, lute70a *BroS 19, **Ec 12, ***Mh 19 ii, Wt6 ii 1’12, **2’07. *** c1’00
Kettle drumadd!BroP27, 28 0’24, 0’51
King …, see under name, Cophetua, Harry, Solomon
Lady lie near me698CwB211’31
Lawn as white as driven snow412DO i 451’15
King Lear ??DO ii 34 0’34
Light o’ love236*BroP 12, **DO ii 36 *1’58, **0’42
Lillibulero (The farmer’s cursed wife)59bCwL22 *4’38
Loath to depart, version 128bDO ii 37 ic0’60
version 2DO ii 37 iic0’67
Love, love, nothing but love, version 1 (set to Eglamore)
version 2 (set to Good shepherd Sorrow)333a*DO i 43, **Ec21 *0’50, **0’41
Lustie gallant64dOH20 1’16
Mall Synes (also settings by) Bacheler, Farnaby, Sweelinck)77OH24 6’35
Martyn said to his man, freeman’s song à 3821*Mh22, **WE 19 *3’07, **1’43
Queen Mary’s Dumpe (Variations attrib. Aston)281cBroS221’45
Master, Swabber, version 1304DO ii 390’46
version 2DO i 441’17
Merry, merry milkmaids, country dance47b*BroP7, **CwL 10 *1’42, **2’05
Millison’s jig367Sf22
Monsieur’s alman, see Mounsieur’s almaine (also Bachelar, Byrd, Holborne, Morley)
Moorland Willie1408Wt25
Mother Watkins’ ale, see Watkin’s ale
Mounsieur’s almaine256a ii*DO ii 41, **MsE ii 15 *0’50. **2’17
My mind to me87DO ii 420’45
The New Exchange (version of ‘Go from my window’)354fBroP261’08
The Night peece (second tune ‘The shaking of the sheets’)414dB15
No more dams305DO i 450’26
Nobody’s jig355bWn 1
Northern lass’s lamentation (The oak and the ash)193CwL 122’56
Nutmegs (Of all the birds)73DO ii 43 0’41
Nutmegs and ginger70aL8, MsE i 11’28
O death, rock me asleep, version 156a*CamS 10, **DO ii 45 i,*6’23, **c1’70
version 2*DO ii 45 ii, **EmH20, ***MsE i 18 *c1’53 **2’26, ***4’32
O mistress mine, version 1 (also Byrd, Morley)344*BroS3, **DO i 47 1’29, **1’19
version 2*DO ii 47, **EmH ii 27, 28 *1’20. **2’00, 1’03
O sweet Oliver (Hunt’s up)18*BroS 15, **DO i 49 *0’58, **0’21
O’ the twelfth day of December351DO ii 48 0’30
An old hare hoar, version 1?276DO i 46 0’17
version 2?276eDO ii 46 0’17
My Lord of Oxenford’s maske (?Byrd)219bMsE ii 29 *1’55
Oyser pie297DO ii 49
Packington’s pound303b*BroP 16, **MsE i 5 *2’11, **3’08
Pardon goddess of the night244DO i 50 0’48
Parson’s farewell, country dance (version of La Bourrée)712*BroP42, **CwL25 ii *1’36, **1’10
passamezzo anticoB4
passymeasures pavane (passamezzo pavane)*BroP40, **BroS200, ***Gt6 *1’00, **1’43, ***1’44
La Pastorella1457EmH 13 1’32
Paul’s steeple1404F15, *Wn5 3’17
Paul’s wharfe (also Farnaby; Brade as ‘Scottish dance’)1399*BroP3, **CwL 16, ***Mh 16 *2’46, **2’01, ***1’52
pavane and galliardHs24-25 2’01, 1’13
Pavyn of Albart and Galliard, consort à 7424Mt25-6 1’37, 1’25
Peg a Ramsey (also Bull), version 1348DO ii 50 i c0’25
version 2DO ii 50 ii c0’20
Phyllida, version 1196DO ii 51 i c0’45
version 2DO ii 51 ii c0’45
version 3DO ii 51 iii c0’49
Please one and pleae all359DO ii 52 c0’36
The poor soul sat sighing, see Willow song
Pyramus212DO ii 53 c0’52
The Quarter brawlesMh8 2’16
Queen Dido, version 137 iDO ii 54 i c0’50
version 237 iiDO ii 54 ii c0’53
The Queen’s masque10eB16, **Hc 14**1’02
Quodling’s delight (Goddesses)193DO ii 20 0’31
Rich Jew166cDO ii 560’34
Robin, luteN2 2’01
Robin Goodfellow22dDO ii 57 0’27
Robin Hood347b?DO ii 580’39
Robin is to the greenwood gone48a*BaB8, **DoH3, ***Ec 11 iii, L3, ****MsE i 11, Wt4*3’17, **3’01, ****c1’50
Rogero120cDO ii 59 0’38
Romanesca, variations, lute215eEmH31 2’31
Roses, their sharp spines being gone379DO i 511’15
Rowland (see Kemp’s jig, and Willoughby’s welcome)
Rufty Tufty, morris dance1194Mh25 ii c1’00
Scotch cap, country dance1407BaB6 1’56
Scottish jig223aBroS70’53
Sedany (Donkin Dargeson), country dance176cB17
Sellenger’s round188dB13, **BroS6, ***DO ii 61, ****Gt 1, *****Mh20,******OL7 *1’56, ***0’30, ****1’57, *****1’30, ******1’59
Shepherd’s holiday (Labour in vain), country dance1455Wn7
Shepherd’s joy, see Barafaustus dream
Shore’s wife, version 127 iDO ii 62 ic0’50
version 2DO ii 62 iic0’57
Short mesure of Lady Wynkfylds Rownde1377*EmH 17, **Mt3 *1’15, **1’53
Sick, sick, version 1235aDO ii 63 ic0’70
version 2DO ii 63 iic0’70
version 3DO ii 63 iiic0’68
Sigh no more ladies, set to ‘Lusty gallant’230DO i 521’23
Sinkapace galliard888BroS32 1’09
King Solomon350aDO ii 35 0’31
Some men for sudden joy did weep, version 1121fDO i 530’20
version 2, round121fDO ii 640’38
The Duke of Somerset’s dumpeadd?OL42’19
Souch’s march225aCamQ 102’07
Spagnoletta (also Farnaby, Praetorius, Zanetti)1341B6
Spanish pavan142a*Gt8 i, **OH3* c2’00, **2’39
Staines morris276cB18,*BroS9, **Gt21, ***Mh2, ****Wh10 *1’57, **2’05, ***4’20
King Stephen was a worthy peer248DO i 41 1’15
Stingo, country dance196D 19, **MsE i 4, Wn2**1’57
Sweet England’s pride is gone36aCamQ12’50
Sweet Robin, see Bonny sweet Robin
Take, o take those lips away, (set to When griping griefs)165DO i 540’44
Tell me where is fancy bred170DO i 551’11
That which serves (Peg a Ramsey)126DO i 560’21
There dwelt a man in Babylon, version 1350B27, *DO i 57, **Gt 15 *0’34, **3’38
version 2*BroS27, DO ii 65 *3’38, **0’49
There was three fools (The one he said he was an owl)615DO i 58 0’32
Three merry men, round348DO i 590’39
Three ravens615CwL72’57
Tintelore d’Angleterre, see (My Lord of) Essex measure
Titus Andronicus’ complaint182DO ii 66 0’41
Tom a Bedlam, version 1130DO ii 67 ic1.20
version 2DO ii 67 ii c1’17
Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s day46*BroS 11, **CamS 19,*1’01, **3’18
DO i 601’04
Tomorrow the fox will come to town1498B3, **CwL8 **2’30
Tordiglione (Turkeylone)191cBroL3
Tower Hill, jig109eBroP4 0’44
A ToyeLe ii 4 1’09
La Traditore, mi fa morire, galliard372EmH3 2’09
TrenchmoreTrowmpettus, keyboard1498?*Hc2, 4, **OH23 *0’34, 31, **2’56
Troilus242DO ii 680’33
Troy Town27 iDO ii 69 0’28
Under the greenwood tree15DO i 611’24
Up and down, round204DO i 620’31
Up tails all215gOH2 2’05
Urns and odours bring away377DO i 630’56
Walsingham (‘As I went to Walsinghham’)44*DO i 64,** Mh24 *1’25, **1’59
Was this fair face2DO i 65 0’54
Watkin’s ale63d*CwB23, ** MsE i 2 *3’41, **1’25
We be soldiers three413bCwL5 1’26
Wedding is great Juno’s crown22DO i 66 0’34
Welladay36aDO ii 70 0’37
What shall he hath that killed the deer. round18DO i 67 1’06
When Athur first at court55DO i 68 0’14
When daffodils begin to peer403*BroS 16, **DO i 69 *0’51, **1’05
When daisies pied154DO i 70 2’00
When icicles hang by the wall155DO i 721’31
When that I was a little tiny boy, version 1366*BroS 18, **DO i 73, F20 *1’36 , **1’40
(version 2 by John Vernon is dated 1772)
Whenas we sat in Babylon180cDO ii 710’49
Where is the life that late I led281bDO ii 720’51
While you here do snoring lie302aDO i 750’18
Who is Sylvia370DO i 761’30
Whoop410DO ii 730’23
Why let the stricken deer41DO i 770’22
(If care do cause)41bDO ii 740’22
Will you buy a fine dog409bDO ii 761’13
Will you buy any tape414DO i 790’26
My Lord Willoughby’s welcome home (Rowland)203a*DO ii 60, M210’31
Willow, willow, version 1251DO i 780’59
version 2251aDO ii 750’58
Willow song (The poor soul sat sighing)251*BroS4, **CamS5, ***Ec 14, ****Gt25, M5, ******MsE i 21*3’44, **5’40 . ***5’17, ****3’43. ******5’42
Wilson’s wilde (Wolsey’s wild)9b*Mh3, **MsE i 7*3’10, **1’11
With a fading409aDO ii 770’20
Woodycock (Wooselcock)203bB 19, *BroP8, **BroS 14, ***DO i 80, ****Wn 15 *1’58, **1’56, ***0’40, ***5’31
My Lady Wynkfylds Rownde, see Short mesure
You spotted snakes201DO i 812’01