INDEX OF WORKS BY NAMED COMPOSERS (or arrangers) of music current in Shakespeare’s time

Compilers of anthologies are not here distinguished from composers, so that, for instance, settings of popular tunes for 4 or 5 part consort can reasonably be considered their own compositions, reflecting John Cutts (CU194) reference to the important contribution to this repertory in the form of keyboard pieces by Giles Farnaby where he notes that some attributed works may be as arranger rather than composer. Titles of works which show the status or rank of a person are listed under family name, e.g. DOWLAND ‘My Lady Hunsden’s Puffe’ under letter H in the list of works by that composer. Where more than one reference is given, full bibliographical detail together with musical incipit will be found under the serial numbers between 1 and 417, otherwise under the number printed in bold.



KETE, EdmundBarrow Faustus dreame201b
fl 1609
KINLOCH, WilliamGround746, (1425)
KIRBYE, GeorgeUp then, Melpomene, madrigal244d



LASSUS, Orlande deUn jour vis un foulon (Monsieur Mingo)66d
1532-15942 Fantasias, 2 lutes785-6
Susanne un jour, chanson870
LAUDER, JamesThe Golden pavan (My Lord of Marche paven)354g,1409
LEJEUNE, HenriGavotte à 443, 891
fl 1636Pavane à 621a, 40b
L’ESTRANGE, SirAmazonian masque17318a
Nicholas 1603-1655Apes’ dance at the Temple486, 1497
Baboon’s dance (Robert Johnson)27386k, 485, 1149
Bear’s dance19402, 1152
Bull masque (John Bull)81496, 1160
Devil’s dance (Adson)85161
Essex antique masque921159
The Fairey masque (Robert Johnson)57194a, 195 i
The Flat masque (John Johnson)371133
The French Morris901189
The Furies72155
Gray’s Inn antic masque911139
Gray’s Inn masque (The Lords II)231147
Gray’s Inn masques I & II (Coperario)50, 51308e iii, 1143-4
Gray’s Inn masque (Mad Tom)99130b, 1142
The Haymakers’ masque13314d, 749
The Humming bachelor1071
The King’s mistress1081140
The Ladies’ masque I14103
The Maypole70353, 1167, 1185
The Maypole dance at Gray’s Inn1031198
Näglein Blumen (Bateman)441166A
The Noble man (Robert Johnson)551141
The Princes I-III (Robert Johnson)135-7727/ 1153-5
The Satyr’s masque (attrib. R. Johnson)5611, 415a, 1150
The Shepherd’s masque66407a, 1450
Standing masque (Fairest nymphs. Gibbons)1021139
Stephen Thomas, his almains102
The Tempest (Robert Johnson)62308a
The Temple dances I-III(attrib. R Johnson) 39-41313g
The Witches’ dances I-II (attrib. R Johnson)25-6160; 162, 1458-9
LOBO, AlonsoVersa est in luctum, motet1034, 1463
LUPI da CaravaggioAlta carretta (Aria del Gran Duca)1541
Livio. fl. c1607
LUPO, JosephPavane (attrib.), see Thomas LUPO below
LUPO, Thomas.Fantasias à 3 and 429a, 770; 771, 772-6
1571-1627Pavane a 3 (attrib.)166a
Shows and nightly revels1165
Time that leads the fatal round1166



MARCHANT, JohnCan shee, virginals (attrib.)353c, 879, (1089)
1593-1611Echo, 2 lutes (attrib. Pilkington)764, 1071
Pavan à 41230
MELL, DavisMorisco à 2 with continuo (version of Susato ‘La Mourisque’)1186
MELVILL, DavidHey ho, to the greenwood908
17cO lusty May1179, 1442
MICO, RichardPavanes à 4 and à 51250; 1249
MILANO, Francesco da, see Canova, Francesco
MODERNE, JacquesPavane (‘Il estoit une fillette’)1381
MONTEVERDI,Il Ballo delle ingrate: Entrata I-IV739
Claudio 1567-1643
MORLAYE, GuillaumeGalliarde, lute832A
c1515-after 1560Hornepype d’Angleterre, guiterne’932
1557/8-1602Air (from Introduction to the Skill of music)230c
Alison’s knell (Alison)11109b
Alman152215h, 435, 548
Batchelar’s delight (Alison)24607
Can she excuse, or Essex galliard (Dowland)6383,879, (1078)
(My Lord) Chamberlain’s galliard, 2 lutes (Dowland)1069
Come sorrow, come, lute song1031
La Coranto (arrangement)22151c, 296b
De la tromba pavane à 5 (Alison)3
Do you not know à 3653
Frogg galliard (Dowland)10188b
Galliard, see Lachrymae galliard below154
Go from my window (Alison)129354f, 898
Hard by a crystal fountain, madrigal à 6648
It was a lover and his lass20
Jew’s dance, 2 lutes (Nicholson)963
Joyne hands, dance17724, 925
Lachrymae pavan à 6 (Dowland)715331a, 33a, 336e
Lacrymae galliard (Dowland)154853
Il Lamento, fantasia à 21012
La volto, see Lavolto below
Long live fair Oriana, see above ‘Hard by a crystal fountain’
Michell’s galliard (anon., set by Morley)1626b, 850
Mounsiers almaine (Byrd)15256a ii, 442
My bonny lass she smileth1174
Nancie12221, 436
Now is the month of maying, madrigal à 51173
O mistress mine, lute song (+ keyboard arr. Byrd)19336f, 344
My Lord of Oxenford’s maske (Byrd)14218b
Pavan & Galliard (Philips)8, 9313b, 1291-2
Capt Digorie Piper’s pavan & galliard (Dowland) 4, 59a; 8b
Quadro pavane (Passamezzo moderno)1273a, 1293, 1359
& galliard (Alison)2274a, 1294, 1360
Response pavan (attrib. Alison)241241
The Sacred end pavan (and galliard by Baxter)1304-5
La Sampogna, canzonet à 21456
See my own sweet jewel, canzonet à 3, see Joyne hands
Sing we and chant it, madrigal à 5; arr. solo voice148d
Lord Souche’s maske (attrib.Farnaby)23255a, (326)
Though Philomena lost her love à 3652
La Volto, consort; virginals21313e, 366c, 1533
Will you buy a fine dog409b, 484
Zouche’s masque, see under Souche
MUDARRA, AlonsoSpanish pavane142a
MULLINER, ThomasThe Queen of Scots galliard, cittern866
MUNDY, JohnFaire weather, Lightening and Thunder (The Tempest)789, 1443
c1555-1630Go from my window (almost same as Morley’s setting F9)354f, 898
Robin, virginals48a
MUNDY, WilliamO Lord the maker of all thing107a

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