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INDEX OF WORKS BY NAMED COMPOSERS (or arrangers) of music current in Shakespeare’s time

Compilers of anthologies are not here distinguished from composers, so that, for instance, settings of popular tunes for 4 or 5 part consort can reasonably be considered their own compositions, reflecting John Cutts (CU194) reference to the important contribution to this repertory in the form of keyboard pieces by Giles Farnaby where he notes that some attributed works may be as arranger rather than composer. Titles of works which show the status or rank of a person are listed under family name, e.g. DOWLAND ‘My Lady Hunsden’s Puffe’ under letter H in the list of works by that composer. Where more than one reference is given, full bibliographical detail together with musical incipit will be found under the serial numbers between 1 and 417, otherwise under the number printed in bold.



HARDING, JamesGaliarda, consort à 5 (also set by Byrd F122)859
HAUSSMANN,Almain no 1 à 5423
ValentinAlmain no 2 (untitled setting of ‘Nancie’)221
1565/70-1613/4Pavan and galliard à 5 (untitled setting of ‘Go from my window’)354f
Pavane, galliard and fuga (untitled setting of ‘Roland’)203a
Polish dances à 51331-40
HAYNE van Ghizeghem see GHIZENHEIM
HENRY VIII, King of(attributed in part or wholly)
England. 1491-1547Adiew Madam et ma maistres à 41003
And I were a maiden99
Departure is my chief pain, round à 4797
En vrai amoure, dance; setting à 496
England be glad à 3 (attrib.)71
Fantasias, consort (attrib.)80, 94, 104
Grene growith the holy à 394, 909
Hélas madam, à 3 (by Hayne van Ghizeghem with part added)1004
If love now reigned à 392
It is to me a right great joy, round à 398
The Kyng’s pavyn (‘King Harry the VIII pavyn), lute95
Madame d’Amours (attrib.)
Pastyme with good companye à 392, (94)
Taundernaken (attrib. Alamire) à 397
Withowt discord and bothe acorde à 391
HESSE, Paul &Gagliard à 5847
Bartolomeus fl. 1550La Gamba, galliard à 61010
Pavana La Bataglia (after Janequin)379
HILDEGARD ofColumba aspexit (Sequentia de Sancto Maximino)25
Bingen 1098-1179A Feather on the breath of God25
HILTON, John, jr.[Catch that catch can]
1599-1657Come follow, follow me, whither shall I follow, catch à 3306e
Hem, boys, hem, catch à 310g, 59a
Jog on, jog on, catch à 3405
There was an old fellow at Waltham Cross59
Three merry men be we343, 348a
HILTON, John, sr.What shall he hath that kill’d the deer, catch à 419
HOLBORNE, Antony[J Thematic catalogue by Brian Jeffery in Musica disciplina xxii (1968) 129ff]
c1584-1602/3[HB Music for lute and bandora, ed. M. Kanazawa (1967)]
[HC The Cittharn School: 58 pavans and other pieces. 1597]
[H Pavans, Galliards, Almains and Courantes…for viols, violins or other wind instruments: 65 dances à 5. 1599]
Amongst the harlots foul I walk (Spanish pavane)263a
As it fell on Holie eve, coranto1183864674
Bona speranza, lute pavane; ensemble à 55291222
Bonny sweet Robin1382248
Chi passa (Qui passi)11215384
The Choyce, alman704259469
Countess of Pembroke, see under Pembroke below
Cradle pavan19141049
The Cradle of conceits, pavane643651048
Ecce quam bonum, galliard1022840a i
Fairie round: coranto903763188a, 190, 403a, 673
Farewell, lute galliard no 9813258799
Funerals: pavan (Countess of Pembroke’s Funeral)59123140a ii, 239 i, 243, 336j, 1008
The Funerals, galliard, see Noel’s galliard
Galliards (untitled)12910257
Heigh-Ho Holiday, coranto1273965675
Heres Paternus, pavan5010331244
Honie-Suckle, alman (Heart’s-ease)15160245c, 281a, 471
Image of melancholy, pavan3227239a ii
In Peascod time871318, 55, 58, 948
Last will and testament, pavan10465329d, 61a, 1257
Lullabie à 5 (bandora galliard no 1) J9898App 1554201a, 1047
The Mari-gold, galliard.107438219a
Monsieurs almaine1417256a ii, 442
Myvlinda, galliard (Muy Linda)130303634853
The New Year’s Gift, galliard83186145d
Night watch: alman31414755233, 238, 240, 293,470,732, 346
[Sir Henry] Noel’s galliard9740336d, 1009
The old almaine561167d, 320b, 446
Paradizo, see under Pembroke below
Pavana ploravit (after ‘Lachrymae’)481449(31a), 109a,1024, 1256
Pavans (without destinguishing title)21334a ii, 151a, 225b, 256a i, 731
611134a i, 1320
431531a iii
Countess of Pembroke’s Funerals pavan, see ‘Funerals pavan’
Countess (of Pembroke’s) Paradise1217138a, 1202, 1474
Pescod time, see In pescod time
Playfellow II, see ‘The Wanton’
Posthuma: pavane6251417a
Qui passa, see Chi passa
Sedet sola, pavan208191258
Sicke, sicke2325235a
The Sighes8018234
Spanish pavan5314142a, 263a
Then there is mirth in heaven21b
Tinternell (Short almain)157b
Le Vecchia, cittern201277
The Voyce of the ghost, cittern24121476
(As I went to) Walsingham89461644, 472, 1277, 1540
The Wanton (Playfellow II), coranto953661332c, 672
Welsh alman (bandora J17)17a39a51a
The widowes myte, coranto à 58462676
HOLBORNE, WilliamWedding is great Juno’s crown, canzonet à 321b, 22b
fl 1597, d. after 1602
HOLMES, MatthewRobin is to the greenwood gone, consort48a
HOOPER, EdmundAlmans437-8
1553-1621Coranto (attrib to Farnaby in F228)309
HOVE, Joachim vanPavane lachrymae, lute31a
den 1567-1620
HUME, TobiasFain would I change that note1110
1575-1645French jig, bass viol995
Hark, hark the lark, lyra viol30
The King of Denmark’s Delight (‘Poetical music’ no 2)738
Lesson for bass viol260
Pavan, lyra viol1263
The Earl of Sussex’s delight, maske, 2 lyra viols & bass viol1138
Sweet music (Earl of Salisbury’s favourite), 2 lyra viols & bass viol1477



INGLOTT, WilliamThe leaves be green154d
ISAAC, HeinrichA la Bataglia513
c1450-1517La Spagna506



JACKSON, CharlesWill ye go walk the woods so wilde15b
fl 1559
JANEQUIN (Jannequin)Le chant des oiseaux560
Clément c1485-1558La guerre, chanson (adapted by Susato as pavan ‘La bataille’)510
JENKINS, JohnCome, pretty maidens, round à 3414g
JOHNSON, EdwardEliza is the fairest queen, consort song656
fl 1572-1601Johnson’s knell (also attrib. to Robert Johnson)541, 1033
Pavan and galliard to Delight (now attrib Robert Johnson)1279-80
JOHNSON, John(Johnson’s) Almaine (‘Gathering Pescods’; ‘Allin’s jig’)16a
c1541-1595Carman’s whistle, lute (attrib. also to Robert Johnson)60, 610, 713
fl 1579-1594Chi passa, lute384
A Dump, 2 lutes760, 1059
Flat masque1133
Flat pavane and galliard1275-6
French gaylarde, lute (attributed)826, 844
Gathering of pescods, see Almaine above
Green garters698
Greensleeves, (‘Grienslivis’) 2 lutes (attributed)178, 350b, 1060
The New hunt is up, 2 lutes1061
Passymeasure pavans1232-3
Pavan and galliard to Delight1279-80
The Queen’s treble, dump, 2 lutes761, 1062
Satyr’s dance, see Robert Johnson
Sellenger’s round (‘The Beginning of the world’), 2 lutes188d, 1063
Tempest masque (attrib.)308a
(Johnson’s) Toy (Allin’s jig)16a
Trenchmore, dance, lute1500
La Vecchia (Laveche) pavan and galliard, 2 lutes1064-5, 1277-8
Walsingham, lute44, 1540
JOHNSON, Robert (I)A knell of Johnson (‘The Bells’) (possible attrib.)540, 1033
c1500-1560The Noble man, masque (attrib.)1141
2 Witches’ dances (attrib.)160; 162, 1151, 1458-9
JOHNSON, Robert (II)[J: Brian Jeffery The lute music of Robert Johnson EM ii (1974) 105-9]
c1583-1633Certain songs are also associated with the name of John Wilson 1594-1674 (qv)
Adieu fond love, lute song1205
Almans, lute and in keyboard arrangements450-7, 457A
Note also four titled almans in the list below
As I walked forth, lute song1106
Baboon’s dance, antimasque386k, 485, 1149
The bells ‘A knell of Johnson’) à 5540, 1032
Care charming sleep, lute song106c, 115c, 208b, 263c, 1040
Carman’s whistle, lute (attrib. also to John Johnson)60, 610, 713
Charon, o Charon155F
Come away Hecate, lute song158b, c
Come heavy sleep, lute song115h
Dear, do not your fair beauty, lute song1107
Lady Elizabeth’s mask1153
The Fairies’ daunce (The Fairey masque) (attrib.)194a, 195 i
Full fathom five, lute song (attrib.)299
Get you hence, lute song413a
Hark, hark! the lark (attrib.)30
Have you seen the white lily grow?, lute song1109
Prince Henry’s mask727, 1153
Hit and take it, alman454
How wretched is the state, lute song1032, 1108
Irlender Tanz, see Temple dance no 2
Lawn as white as driven snow412a
Masque dances, see The Tempest
O let us howl155E
Oberon, dances in Jonson masque, see Fairies dance; Satyr’s masque
Pavan no2 in f, no 3 in c1245
The Prince’s almain, lute450
The Prince’s corant693, 728
The Prince’s, masques (Brade ‘Masqueradas’) I C major727, 1153
The Prince’s, masques (Brade ‘Masqueradas’) II C minor453, 1154
The Prince’s, masques (Brade ‘Masqueradas’) III C major1155
Reapers’ dance313g i
A Satyr’s masque à 4 (attrib.)11, 415a, 1150
Lord Strang’s alman, lute455
Tell me dearest, what is love?, lute song170b
The Tempest masque (attrib.)308a, 313a
3 Temple dances 1613 (attrib.)313g, 955
The Temporiser, masque dance à 4458
To the stump, alman456
Where the bee sucks, lute song (wrongly attrib to Wilson). 1600316
The Witty wanton, dance à 4459
JONES, RobertBeauty sat bathing284, 1111
c1570-c1615Farewell dear love352, 806
Go to bed sweet muse115e, 1041
Hey, jolly Robin (In Sherwood I wed stout Robin Hood)48b
She whose matchless beauty370b
Sigh no more, Ladies (arr. Gerald Place)230g
JOSQUIN des PrèsMille regrets, chanson (arr. as Pavane in Susato)1238, 1359
c1450-1521La Spagne, consort à 5506
Vive le Roy! Fanfare à 4625
JUDENKÜNIG, HansElslein896
c1450-1526Der Hoftanz895
Niederländischer Rundtanz (?Dutch country dance)762, 1385

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