INDEX OF WORKS BY NAMED COMPOSERS (or arrangers) of music current in Shakespeare’s time

Compilers of anthologies are not here distinguished from composers, so that, for instance, settings of popular tunes for 4 or 5 part consort can reasonably be considered their own compositions, reflecting John Cutts (CU194) reference to the important contribution to this repertory in the form of keyboard pieces by Giles Farnaby where he notes that some attributed works may be as arranger rather than composer. Titles of works which show the status or rank of a person are listed under family name, e.g. DOWLAND ‘My Lady Hunsden’s Puffe’ under letter H in the list of works by that composer. Where more than one reference is given, full bibliographical detail together with musical incipit will be found under the serial numbers between 1 and 417, otherwise under the number printed in bold.



EAST, MichaelAnd I as well as thou, à 3654
EAST, ThomasLamentation (Hymn for a widower)244a
EDWARDS, RichardAwake ye woeful wights42b, 1078
1524-1566When grypinge griefes (attrib.)(32e), 282
When May is in its prime1440
ENCINA, Juan delUna sañosa porfia, villancico1035, 1461
1468-1529Triste España sin ventura1036, 1462
ESTRÉES, Jean d’Branle gay à 4; à 5571; 588
d.1576Les Bouffons (‘The Buffens’) à 4106b
Pavane Les Quercade à 495, 1225
La Rocha el fuso836
Tintelore d’Angleterre75b
EYCK, Jacob vanBouffons106b
c1583-1657Excuse moy353c



FANTINI, GirolamoBattle calls, trumpet517-9
1600-c1675Entrata imperial108a, 250
FARNABY, GilesMB vol. 24. FARNABY Keyboard worksFMB
c1560-c1620Alman (now ascribed to Hooper)222437
Bonny Sweet Robin (also attrib. to Byrd)1283548a, 1371
His conceit, see Farnaby’s conceit
Corranto (now ascribed to Hooper)228309
Daphne11236191d, 1453
His Dreame, pavan194501301
Fantasias, keyboard129, 2085, 9795, 794
Farnaby’s conceit, alman27352447, 635
Fayne would I wedd19757193
Flatt pavan (John Johnson set by Farnaby)284151275
A Gigge, jig26727223a, 986, 1398
Gigge-a-gogge (now attrib. to Ward)141203b
Giles Farnaby’s Dreame, Rest and Humour, see separate entries
His Humour19653147, 1306, 1526
Kempe’s Morris (Muscadin)2933839b, 145, 1303
The King’s Hunt5349415e
Loth to depart, ballad setting2304128b, 1351
Mall Sims28137332d
A Masque (also in Brade BN43)19831308e i, 1135
A Masque (as ‘Mascarada’ in Simpson)19932308e ii, 1136
A Masque (Cuparee or Gray’s Inn, i.e. Coperario Masque for the Inner Temple) set by Farnaby20933303e iii, 1137, 1143
Meridian alman29124448
Muscadin or Kempe’s morris2933839b, 145, 1193
New Sa-hoo148451129
Old Spagnoletta289291464
Pavan (Robert Johnson , set by Farnaby)39141245, 1275
Pawles wharfe, variations113461399
Put up thy dagger Jemy12744341, 723
Quodlings delight (similar to ‘Fain would I wed’)11442193, 696
His Rest, galliard19551856, 1302
Robin (Bonny Sweet Robin)1283548a, 1371
Rosseter’s galliard (set by Farnaby)28321857
Lord Souche’s mask, set by Farnaby23934225a
Tell mee Daphne28043170c
Tower Hill24526109e, 987, 1200
A Toye2702829b, 1484
Up tails all24248219g, 276a
Why aske you286391260, 1513
Woodycock see Ward, John14140203b
Lord Zouches maske, see under Souch above
FARNABY, RichardFayne would I wedd (after Campion)19757193
c1594-1623Hanskin (Jog on, jog on)29758405a
Nobodyes Jigg (Gigge) (or Fleet Street)149 56306b, 355b, 990, 1199
FARRANT, RichardAh, alas ye salt sea gods, (‘Abradad’) consort song(214), 1431
Alfonso jr.Dovehouse pavan1259
c1575-1628Fain I would, lute song1104
Four note pavan à 5
If all the ages of the earth10e
Spanish pavinge [sic], 2 lutes142a, 1070
Who is Sylvia370e
FESTA, Costanzo2 Contrapunti sopra il canto fermo (La Spagna) à 5506
FORD, ThomasSigh no more ladies à 3 (also attrib. to John Wilson)230b
c1580-1648Since first I saw your face, lute song1105
FRANCK, MelchiorIntrada à 6108b
FRESCOBALDI,Bergamasca à 4215b, 361, 4594
Girolamo 1583-1643Canzona on ‘Ruggiero’120c, 203c
FUENLLANA, Miguel deFantasia de redobles, guitar796, 1469
early 16th c.-c1579



GABRIELI, AndreaAria del Bataglia à 8515
GALLIARDELLO,Mark Antoine’s galliard112
Marco Antonio. d1585
GERVAISE, ClaudeAllemande422
c1510 – after 1558Le bon vouloir: pavane1276
Branle de Bourgogne à 4602A
Branle de Poitou à 423b, 589, 1369
Galliarde de la guerre832
Gaillarde (untitled)831
Passamezzo antico (Pavanne passamaize & galliard)1271-2
Pavane (as a processional)1357
Pavane de la guerre, à 4 (after Jannequin) & galliard510-1
Pavane d’Angleterre avec sa galliarde, à 4 (‘Heaven and earth’)1273-4
La Venissienne, pavane à 4961, 1236
La Volunté, basse danse502
GHISELIN, JohannesLa Spagna, à 4506
fl. 1491-1535
GHIZEGHEM, HayneAllex regretz1004A
von c1445-1476/97Hélas Madam à 3 (with 4th part added by Henry VIII)1004
GIBBONS, OrlandoAh, dear Heart à 5649
1583-1625Alman (Allemande) in D minor449
Coranto in A minor, F major5663, 671
The Fairest nymph, masque1139
Fantasia of foure parts769
A French ayre825
Go from my window, ballad setting (attributed)354f
Go from my window, variations, keyboard898
Now every flow’ry bank of May, madrigal1176
Pavanes336c i-ii, 1261-2
The Queen’s command (attrib. Cosyn)634
The Lord of Salisbury his pavan336b i, 1299
The Lord of Salisbury his galliarde336b ii, 1300
The Silver swan à 5650
Tom’s a-cold poor naked Bedlam (Cries of London)130a
Whoop do me no harm: variations410
The woods so wilde15b, 913
Ye fairest nymphs, masque dance1139
GILES, ThomasTriumph now with joy21c, 22e, 311a
GREAVES, ThomasFear no more the heat of the sun32f
fl. 1604What is beauty but a breath, lute song244d
GUÉDRON, PierreThe French tune, lute827, 1130

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