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INDEX OF WORKS BY NAMED COMPOSERS (or arrangers) of music current in Shakespeare’s time

Compilers of anthologies are not here distinguished from composers, so that, for instance, settings of popular tunes for 4 or 5 part consort can reasonably be considered their own compositions, reflecting John Cutts (CU194) reference to the important contribution to this repertory in the form of keyboard pieces by Giles Farnaby where he notes that some attributed works may be as arranger rather than composer. Titles of works which show the status or rank of a person are listed under family name, e.g. DOWLAND ‘My Lady Hunsden’s Puffe’ under letter H in the list of works by that composer. Where more than one reference is given, full bibliographical detail together with musical incipit will be found under the serial numbers between 1 and 417, otherwise under the number printed in bold.



ADSON, John[Courtly masquing ayres (21 à 5, 10 à 6), 1621](1159)
1585-16401 Adson’s masque209a
4 Essex Anticke, masque dance1159
7-8 Temple Anticke masque dances1161-2
10 Divells dance, masque dance161
13 Williams his love, masque dance1163
19 The Bull masque1160
The New Sarabande/1391A
Adson’s Sarabande, Longways for six1381B
Pavane: Ayre à 5 viols209a, 226
ALAMIRE, PierreT’Andernacken, basse danse à 5 (attributed)97
c1470-1536 or after
ALBERTI, InnocenzioPavin of Albart à 7424
c1535-1615 (?Alberto di Venitia d.1559)
ALISON, RichardAllisons knell, pavan, broken consort109b, 428, 897
fl. 1588-1608Almain, broken consort476
The Bachelar’s delight, broken consort607, 1544
De la tromba pavin (Lady Frances Sidney’s goodmorrowe)38a, 268, 1264, 1446, 1514, 1546
Le devil yssu, lute pavan1241
Goe from my window, broken consort354f, 606, 898
Our Father which in Heaven art107f, 490
Quadran pavan & galliard, broken consort272a, 273a, 1293-44, 1363-4
Rayleigh’s galliard, see CUTTING
La Responce pavin, broken consort1241
(Lady Frances) Sidney’s Almane, consort475
(Lady Frances) Sidney’s Goodnight, 2 lutes901
When as we sat in Babylon à 4 (versions with cittern; lute)180c
ALMIRE, PetrusT’Andernaken, (attrib.) see Henry VIII
AMMERBACH, EliasDer Magister Dantz (Cecilia almain)428, 567, 897
1530-1597Passamezzo antico & Saltarello1212
ARBEAU, ThoinotAir de mourisques1186
Antoinette, galliard836
Baisons nous belle, galliard152, 834
Belle qui tiens ma vie, pavane151c, 172c, 315, 670, 1242
Les Bouffons106b
branle coupé de la guerre590
branle double23b i, 104b i, 572
branle d’Ecosse605, 1401
branle de Haut Barrois (Montirandé)104b ii, 313c, 600
branle de la Haye23a, 149a, 407b, 592, 924
branle de la torche591
branle de l’Officiel593
branle de Poictou23b ii, 589
branle des chevaux601
branle des sabots144, 568
branle double23b i, 572
branle gay579
branle simple569
La canarie609
dead march in the Phrygian mode85
L’ennuy qui me tormente, galliard425
La Jouyssance vous donneray; basse danse499a
moresques, see ‘Air de mouresques’
La Roque, basse danse
Si j’aime ou non, galliard835
Spanish pavane142a
Le traditore my fa morire, galliard372, 833
La volte1527
ASKUE, Robert.Robin Hoode48a
fl. c. 1595
ASTON (Ashton)Hornepype928
Hugh c1485-1558Hugh Aston’s Maske (attrib.)742
My Lady Carey’s Dumpe (attrib.)300b, 336a, 371, 754
Queen Marie’s Dumpe (attrib.)281c, 740, 759
Short mesure of My Lady Wynfylds Rownde1377
ATTAIGNANT, Pierrebasses danses à 4, à 526c, 498
c1494-1551/2branles, see Notes under that heading
(see also Gervaise)Dont vient cela, basse danse500
Guerre, guerre, gay, alman350a
La Magdalena, basse danse à 4 (tourdion)26c, 503
pavane (processional)1222
pavanes and galliardes1269-70
La Roque, basse danse, lute501
La Rote du Rode, pavan1134, 1356
Si je m’en vois, pavan424
tourdion499c, 504
La Venisienne, pavan (Gervaise)1236
AZZAIUOLO, FilippoChi passa per questa strada,255, 384, 505, 543, 842
1530-69Villotta alla padoana à 4 ‘Gentil Madonna’241a, 627

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