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(CM105-6 48 cues)

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Ii0; 225{Flourish}; [Colbrand, the Giant, that same mighty man?] DO180-3 tune and words of ballad ‘Sir Guy of Warwick’ (110) 116
IIi0; 75{Flourish} trumpet; Drum beats
200Trumpet sounds. Enter a citizens upon the walls
299{Alarum.} Here, after excursions, enter the French herald with {a trumpeter}…
311; 561Enter …the English Herald, with a trumpeter; {Flourish}
IIIi229-30 [Shall braying trumpets and loud churlish drums, Clamours of hell, be measures to our pomp?]
ii; iii0Alarum; excursions. Alarums; excursions; retreat.
IV ii, V i0{Flourish}; {Flourish}
Vii 63; 116{A trumpet sounds; A trumpet sounds}
117` [What trumpets thus summon us? ]
155-6 […pale visaged maids like Amazons come trippinjg after drums]
164Strike up the drums]
180{Drums beat}
iii; iv; v0Alarum; {Alarum}; {Alarum; retreat}
vii11-12He is more patient Than when you left him. Even now, he sung.
20-24 [‘Tis strange that death should sing. I am the cygnet to this pale faint swan, Who chants a doleful hymn to his own death, And from the organ-pipe of frailty sings His soul and body to their lasting rest.]
118{Flourish} trumpet

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