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(CM93-4: 68 cues)

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Ii0*Flourish of *trumpet; then *hautboys. Royal Wedding *banquet 82
(DLC) ‘Ceremonial music C2’ 1-2 trumpets and drums CM416
iii103; 226Sound a *sennet; Flourish.
iv23It thunders and lightens terribly, then the spirit… riseth (B243) *supernatural music83
40Thunder and lightening. The spirit sinks down again
IIi59-60 [How irksome is this music to my heart! When such strings jar, what hope of harmony?]
70Enter …with music84
LH26: ‘O Blessed God in Trinity’ (with burden ‘Te Deum laudamus’) MB iv 95
iii0Sound trumpets.
58Enter…with a drummer before him…Enter at the other door…with a drummer…
97Sound trumpets an alarum to the combatants.
109Sound a flourish.
IIIi0Sound a sennet.
364-6 [I have seen Him *caper upright like a wild *Morisco, Shaking the bloody darts as he his bells].
ii40-44 [Came he right now to sing a raven’s note Whose dismal tone bereft my vital powers; And thinks he that chirping at a wren, By crying comfort from a hollow breast Can chase away the first-conceivèd sound?]
330-1 [Their music frightful as the serpent’s hiss, And boding screech-owls make the consort full!]
IVi0Alarums within, and the chambers be discharged like as it were a fight at sea.
ii120Enter…with a drummer…
iii, vii0Alarums to the fight; Alarums {excursions…}
viii0; 49Sound trumpets.; Flourish
Vi0Enter …with a drummer… and soldiers bearing colours
119, 120Enter…with a drummer
ii0Alarums to the battle.
iii0{Alarum again}; [Now, when the angry trumpet sounds alarum]
iv0{Alarums again}
v0Alarum. Retreat. Enter…including a drummer

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