(CM91-2: 90 cues). Text has been partly attributed to Thomas Nashe

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Ii0*Dead march CM419 drums
78-81 [Awake, awake, English nobility!] DO 54-6 ‘Awake, awake! O England!’ set to a version of tune ‘Mall Simms’ ۞DO ii 177
ii0Sound a flourish…marching with drummer and soldiers
18 [Sound, sound alarum!]
iii0Here alarum. {Drums}
vi47Here they shoot off chambers {within}
58-9 [Whilst any trump did sound or drum struck up, His sword did ne’er leave striking]
73-4 […and like thee, Nero, Play on the lute, beholding the towns burn.]
75, 89Here an alarm., and it thunders and lightens [What stir is this? What tumult’s in the heavens? Whence cometh this alarum and the noise?]; Alarum
vii0, 26Here an alarum again; A short alarum
viii0; 31Flourish; Flourish.
IIi7…drums beating a *dead march SM16 muffled drums;
39; 78{Alarum}; Alarum
ii3Retreat is sounded
iii60He winds his horn. Within, drums strike up; a peal of ordnance.
III i0; 74Flourish; A noise within
76; 78; 190 [What’s tumult’s this]; A noise again; Sennet
iv0An alarum
v0; 62An alarum; An alarum. Excursions
68Retreat. Excursions
vi0An alarum
vii28; 30Drums sound afar off; Here sound an English *march78
N &166, 200-1: c1610 ‘The ancient English drum march’
32Here sound a French *march (MM30/ SM15) drum alone79
(B243) 1670 (from earlier original) Batterie de tambour: Gardes de la Marine N&201
35Trumpets sound a parley
viii0; 27{Flourish}; Sennet
IVi0, 173{Flourish}; Flourish
ii0; 2Enter…with a trumpeter and drummer}; The trumpeter sounds a parley
35-38 [For ere the glass that now begins to run…] ‘All careful Christians, mark my song… The glass doth run…’ (18 verses) set to tune of Wigmore’s galliard.80 (247a)
38-41Drum afar off [Hark, hark, the Dauphin’s drum, a warning bell, Sings heavy music to thy timorous soul; And mine shall ring thy dire departure out.]
iii0Enter…with a trumpeter
vi0Alarum. Excursions
54 [Then follow thou thy desp’rate sire of Crete, Thou Icarus.] DO215-7 ‘In Crete when Daedalus first began his long exile’ set to lute tune ‘In Crete’81 (210)
vii0; 32Alarum. Excursions; {Alarum}
iii, iv0Alarum. Excursions: Excursions;
v0; 84Alarum; {Enter Captains, colours, and trumpeters};
86; 101Sound a parley; Trumpets sound

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