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(CM44-5: 62 cues) LH224-5: Role of cornettists; 12-15 instrumentalists needed; MM49 trumpet onlyfor Coriolanus; role of trumpet, drums, hautboy. cornetti SATB= co+co/sa+2sa. MM8 cornetti for the Senate.Cutts adds oboe to the list. No songs included. (AL244) ‘There is no music for private life in the play… music in the play is the music of public occasions; it is not appreciated as art.’

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Iiii1`[I pray you…sing, or express yourself in a more comfortable sort]
iv 0Enter… with a drummer, {a trumpeter,} and colours…
12; 14{To the trumpeter} [Come, blow thy blast]. They sound a parley; Drums afar off
15; 19; 29[Hark, our drums]; Alarum afar off; Another alarum;
v17Alarum continues {B251} without break into sc vi:
vi{0-3}; 3Alarum continues still afar off; Enter…with a trumpeter. {B251}
26[Go sound thy trumpet in the market place]
vii25[The shepherd knows not thunder from a tabor More than I know the sound of Martius’ tongue From every meaner man]
viii0Enter…with a drummer and trumpeter
ix0; 40Alarum, as in battle; A long flourish
x0Alarum. A retreat sounded. {Flourish}
41-3A long flourish [May these same instruments which you profane Never sound more When drums and trumpets shall I’the field prove flatterers…]
65Flourish. Trumpets sound, and drums
IIi152A shout and flourish. [Hark, the trumpets].
155-6[These are the ushers 2of Martius. Before him he carries noise, and behind him he leaves tears]
163A flourish sounds
158; 163; 202Trumpets sound a sennet; A flourish sounds; A flourish of cornetts
ii36; 155A sennet; A flourish of cornetts.
ii112-5[My throat of war be turned, Which choired with my drum, into a pipe Small as an eunuch or the virgin voice That babies lull asleep!] MM49: allusion to eunuch flute (Mersenne: 4ft long with moveable cap at mouthpiece
IVv0Music plays (at Aufidius’ banquet) AL244 ceremonial music26
a) (B251): off stage music free and gay: 1660. French march K78-9
b) LH224-5: 1599 bcM16 MORLEY Michill’s galliard ۞EmR 19 LH: treble viol and pandora only kF154 as ‘Gagliarda’
c) (B251): 1530 ATTAIGNANT ‘La Magdalena’ basse danse à 4 LPM AD1; K19-20; rS/A/T + g RD11 (and the ‘tourdion’ RD 12)
vi5-9[rather had…behold Dissentious numbers pest’ring streets than see Our tradesmen singing in their shops and going About their functions friendly.]
Viv(49-58)Trumpets, hautboys, drums beat all together. N170: thus exhibiting ‘extreme limit of power’
`49-52[Why hark you The trumpets, sackbuts, psalteries, and fifes, Tabors, and cymbals, and the shouting Romans Make the sun dance.]27
LH227-8: BYRD [attrib.] Souldier’s dance trumpets and drum (46)
58Music sounds still with the shouts
vA flourish with drums and trumpets
vi48Drums and trumpet sound, with great shouts of the people.
70Enter…marching with drum and colours
150[Beat thou the drum, that it speak mournfully]
154A *dead march sounded

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